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Jack B. Craig A. Truly a great man and excellent interview. Loved the way he evaluates other people character by the way they carry themselves in public and toward ordinary people. Joseph F. Steve G.

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Great questions getting the scope of what this guy engaged in. Bill W. David S. Great interview. Pallotta is an extraordinary man and led a most interesting life. I certainly would be shaking in my boots to bring a business plan him. The interview covered a lot of ground - all of which I enjoyed. Trenton T. Victor S. It is terrific to hear the story of the person. The rest should be his view of the future on the markets,the worlds trends ,and some academic thinking about what he believes are the key themes eg.

Hyperinflation or depression? I got zero of what to do listening to Brian?? I believe Real vision is not asking the right questions! A Thumbs down. Brian P. Real Vision. There are all kinds of different interview styles, but picking a snarky fight in the comments section is so low level. I'm always open to suggestions--shoot me a note at Brian realvision.

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But, do we really have time for a public spat? Don't let trolls and keyboard tough guys on Twitter influence you, Vic. Let's be better. Or, I can interview you on your turf and you can show me how it's done. Mathew R.

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I gotta say, I'm a little surprised by your response. I'm not sure if financial journalism is different, but in my line of work, if I responded to customer criticism by issuing a challenge to the customer, I think it would reflect badly on me. Especially considering that nothing Vic said was particularly disparaging. I'm also confused I'm not sure why constructive criticism should be relegated to private email channels. I for one agree with Vic that the story of the person is interesting, but I'm more interested in their views on current economic events.


He wasn't challenged by a customer but a fellow contributor, haven't you noticed the fancy new badges. Ibrahim C. I went for Thumbs Up but this is owing to the integrity of Jim's views on all the topics he talked about his investments plus his shrewdness on delivering them. However, I agree on your point of content that at the end there are three themes came out resonating back on me: Boston Celtics, A. Roma and some short chat on his views which I think should have been content wise under-delivered.

Vanessa V.


I respectfully disagree. Who a person is their history, development, character, values etc is a huge part of their success as well as being integral to how they view the world. I appreciate the long form interviews that offer guests an opportunity to reflect on their lives as well as the time to give their views on current markets. I also believe that Brian asked some great open-ended questions E. What concerns you the most?

I learnt a tremendous amount in this interview: a constant search for knowledge and quality input, the importance of knowing who you are, quality of the people you associate with, culture of an organisation, tax reform ideas, openness to new ideas, ability to understand and adapt to the environment that you are operating in, assessing risks and opportunities etc.

RV isn't all about making calls although we were offered insight into some newer technologies. A thumbs up from me. Stephane M. I love you Vic but since it's Jim first appearance on RV, it's good to know his background. Next time, I hope he will give us more "juice"!! Felt the interview was worthwhile, though agree that little was discussed about markets. Listening to how someone got to where they are is also insightful. But felt Victor's response to a paying subscriber was inappropriate. Denton W.

I for one don't really care about a person's market views. I want to hear about their process and learn from them. I don't want to be given a fish. I want to learn to fish for myself. Aymman A. Agree completely. I am interested in thought and analysis. I want ideas. Little bit of personal story is good but RV should not become People Magazine. Nate I.

I agree with Victor. Michael M. Been a subscriber since nearly the beginning - this is one of the best. Hugely likeable and insightful guy.

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Think he may be missing the forest for the trees with regard to AOC - in terms of what she and others signifies more broadly - but otherwise brilliant. Great job Brian.

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David B. Wow, Jim has so many great characteristics that come across during this interview. He is humble, brilliant, intellectually curious, down-to-earth, and just flat out cool! Thanks for the wonderful interview!! Pedro N.

alrauchronhe.tk Great interview, although I found the attack on AOC to be self serving as every billionaire would rather not pay wealh tax and higher capital gain taxes.